The future of web 3 collectables

8,888 Crazycatz NFTs, designed in New York, made in China.

About the project

Crazycatz are the next generation of Web3 collectables.  Connecting the real world with the digital through partnerships and collaborations within both Chinese and Western culture.

The Crazycatz NFT collection comprises 8,888 individually unique NFTs with over 200 traits that are inspired through the Western and Chinese philosophies and traditions.

The idea came from wanting to create an NFT collection that forms real world partnerships with established companies.  This brings trust, longevity and real world utility to the project and that is what Crazycatz is building.

Crazycatz Mission Statement

To create a globally recognised NFT collection that has a purpose driven and utility focused roadmap that brings value to our community.

Crazycatz Mission Statement

To create a globally recognised NFT collection that has a purpose driven and utility focused roadmap that brings value to our community.


No Rules is partnering with NFT collection Craycatz to bridge the gap between the real and digital world. No Rules is coming out with a production line of 100,000 Crazycatz branded beer bottles for sale in China. Each bottle will have information about Crazycatz so that each consumer can be aware of this collection.


No Rules is a new & popular craft beer company in China with its own bars in Beijing.  No Rules has had more than 100 media outlets across China praise them on their achievements in the craft beer industry over the years.

No Rules is in collaboration with the biggest postal company in China, China Post that has over 50,000 stores across the country and is selling No Rules on their shelves.  The online store alone sold over 100,000 beer bottles in the first 2 days of launch.

No rules beer have achievements that range from Overall winner of the 2017 CCBA China Craft Brewers & even Winner of the China International Beer Challenge, CCBA in November He Zhenpeng. No rules partners and collaborations that range outside of China post and Crazy Catz Nft include Zhejiang Xiyinmen Brewery Co.China Wine Industry Association & Xiyinmen Brewery, Zhejiang Qiandao Lake.

Click here to see more information about No Rules and their achievements and media exposure.


We’ve partnered with the incredible toy manufacturer Shengyuan Toy Ltd located in Dongguan to produce CrazyCatz stuffed animals.

These will be distributed to toy stores in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and the United States.

Holders of a CrazyCatz NFT will receive 50% of the net profits generated from the toys. In addition – purchasers of 3 or more CrazyCatz will receive a limited edition CrazyCatz stuffed animal for free.


Sneak peaks coming soon


The Team

Bin Cheng
San Yuen Yeung
Operations & marketing coordinator
Lanna Liu
Accounting & legal management


These designs have been in the making over the last 12 months and we are excited to finally roll them out to the world.

Our roadmap showcases our plans for the future:

Stage 1

Marketing campaigns begin to roll out for Crazycatz across the globe with a heavy focus on the Asian market to curate, combine and draw together different cultures and have our designs reflect that as we open up the world to a broader community to become involved.

Stage 2:

Engage the community through multiple fun giveaways, prizes and interactive activities to bring the community together.  This will be ongoing until the stage 3 of the roadmap commences.

Stage 3:

We launch our Crazycatz exclusive toy collection to give out to some of our community, influencers and celebrities around the world to take Crazycatz to unprecedented levels of awareness. We then start planning our strategy for the rollout of our toys to retail stores.

Stage 4:

Crazycatz official partnership with Chinese alcohol company No Rules, releases Craycatz branded beer bottles for sale in China.  These Crazycatz labeled beer bottles will include some information on each one that helps spread awareness to consumers directly to the Crazycatz website and social media bringing massive awareness to this collection.

Stage 5:

We donate to a charity for animals suffering from hardship. We’ll let our community help decide where to allocate the donation from a few options.

Stage 6:

New collection comes out with new benefits and perks. All current holders are entered into a giveaway to be airdropped some free NFT’s from this collection.  More information on this to come.

Stage 7:

No Rules sponsors events that can range across the globe and holders receive perks such as free/discounted tickets to these events.  Other surprises are in store here so stay tuned.

Stage 8:

More is coming soon. NFT’s, crypto, web3 and the metaverse are the future and we want to be the collection to blend the bridge between the physical and digital world!


When are your Frequently Asked Questions coming?

Very Soon!



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